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Project Viewpoint Main Site

Project Viewpoint Main Site


Office 2 Office Project Viewpoint

A Project Collaboration System

All of us here at Office 2 Office would like to thank you for visiting our site.  Office 2 Office is the premier Web Based Project Collaboration System.  Our platform has been under development for several years and is being used by firms of all sizes.

Get the job done right.

Effective communication and collaboration within a project team is the most important requirement for successful project completion.  Office 2 Office helps you manage project information, such as document files, drawings and plans, email and even faxes.   Traditional methods normally mean that files are located in different offices.  With Office 2 Office whatever electronic files you would normally use throughout the life of a project are now available at your fingertips and can be accessed by all project team members,
Complete your project on time and within budget

Office 2 Office  offers you  online information storage  for each project, keeping every team working in sync, improving project workflow and the overall collaboration process. With Office 2 Office completing a project on time and within budget is made easier through user friendly interfaces and leading edge technology.


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